Me and the "Belle"Born in Chicago. Graduated from Michigan State University. Dropped out during sophomore year to travel Europe and North Africa. Returned to MSU and graduated with major in Political Science and minor in Philosophy. Two years on varsity gymnastics team. After college convinced my wife we should quit our jobs and travel Europe for a few months before starting a family. Started a wine school in Chicago. Divorced after eight years (a good eight years). No children.Wandered around a bit. Traveled to over 30 countries: Iran, Turkey, Ireland, Afghanistan, India, etc. Worked as an insect exterminator in Casablanca. Opened a restaurant in France (are you starting to see a pattern here?). Finally decided it was time to settle down. Married Jo (JoBelle) in 1994.

Started writing in the '80s. My first book, "How to stop Farting in 10 Days or Your Money Back," was a blockbuster. It seemed every woman bought it for their boyfriend or husband! Made a surprising amount of money. Then got a bit more serious. Garnered a review from "New York" magazine for my book "The Divorce Book," in which they described it as ". a book that never should have been published." Then got a bit more serious (but not too much); still write light-hearted. My books have been translated into 8 languages. Find myself wanting to write something less clever, more inspiring. Still trying.

Currently live in a 160-year old converted one-room schoolhouse in Lake Geneva, WI. Still love to write. Life is good. Author, lunch in Afganistan, 1976Currently live in a 160-year old converted one-room schoolhouse in Lake Geneva, WI. Still love to write. Life is good.

Bear Rocky Brody DeweyJoBelle and I settled early in our marriage on a policy of Dogs-not kids. "They don't do drugs," I always joked, "love you unconditionally and you don't have to pay for college!" First there was Bear, our first born. Then came Rocky. We found him at the local pound. The sweetest dog in the world. A double purebred, too (I don't like the term "mixed breed") half Lab and half German Shepherd.

They were our best friends for over ten years then-boom-one sad summer they both suddenly passed away within weeks of each other.

JoBelle said, "No more dogs." But all dog lovers can guess what happened next and JoBelle found a rescue dog and we brought Brody home to live with us.

Of course that puppy drove us nuts, wanting to play all day and night, so we found the goofiest, funniest, most wonderful companion for him: Dewey. What a team!

Now, sadly, Brody's gone. From cancer.

Dewey's lonely; but we're looking.