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The Ultimate Cats' Catalog

2004, Andrews McMeel, Paperback

Hilarious book for cat lovers! I've done a lot of marketing consulting for catalog companies so I decided to create an absurd catalog full of made-up products that could be 'mailed' to cats. There are, after all, a lot of cat lovers out there! This was before I became a 'dog person.' I had four cats at the time.

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A Black Eye Isn't the End of the World

2006, Andrews McMeel, Hardbound

Extrordinary panda photos with heartwarming text.

My bestselling book (so far). Incredibly beautiful Panda photos accompanied by inspiring, thought provoking and just plain 'feel good' text. A great book to curl up with'and read slowly.

Translated into Hebrew, Japanese, Russian, Chinese and Italian.

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How to Raise a SuperChild!

2008 HCI, Paperback.

The perfect baby shower gift.

I was tying to come up with a book with a big market of potential buyers when my wife received an invite to a baby shower. Hey! Babies! There will always be be lots of babies!

Thus this tongue-in-cheek guide: how to raise your child to become Pope, president, billionaire, rock star, etc. Even bestselling author (unlike me).

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2009, Piemme, Hardbound

My Panda book sold so well in Italy that my publisher asked me to create a similar book using photos of Koalas.

The title is a play on words in Italian, sort of a cross between 'Koala' and 'coalition' (you know the Italians and their coalition governments!)

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Dog Treats(Coming July 2011)

SourceBooks, Hardbound.

Treat the dog lover in your life (and their dog) to a gift of this fun book!

After our two wonderful dogs died one sad summer, I couldn't stop thinking I hadn't done enough to make them as happy as they could possibly have been, and decided to write this book (with love).

My original sub-title was '58 fun things to do with your dog before they're gone,' because that's the way I felt. But my publisher, in all their wisdom, thought that was too negative so I changed it.

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